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Booze, lies, and family drama will not deter young lawyer Abby Callahan from navigating the sordid underbelly of The Big Easy to find out why girls keep showing up dead in Louis Armstrong Park.


Twenty-seven-year-old Abby Callahan moved to New Orleans to escape her past screw-ups in her small hometown. While out running, she sees a woman who has been raped and discarded, like trash. Abby finds herself selfishly pursuing the case to help her career, even though the victim is reluctant. The trial starts and the judge is suddenly arrested, but Abby must return to New York when her father commits suicide. Managing her grief and complicated family dynamics, she tries both to rekindle and remedy her old romances. But she is pulled back to The Big Easy when her client goes missing.

As more girls turn up dead—with Abby as their common connection—Abby decides to play detective with her journalist friend Jill Lejeune. Abby feels responsible for finding her client alive, even as she comes to terms with her past mistakes, including how her lies allowed someone else to go to prison.

Abby discovers she’s in over her head when Jill is beaten because she’s been mistaken for Abby. She wonders if everyone in her life is connected to this case. Abby seems to be the only one committed to finding the truth and decides to stop listening to everyone before she ends up at the morgue. A last-ditch call to the FBI and a rendezvous at the shipping warehouse lead Abby to one last dangerous situation where she finds out betrayal was in front of her the whole time.

Praise for Sin in the Big Easy

A fresh take on the New Orleans legal thriller, Elizabeth McCourt’s Sin in the Big Easy also introduces a fresh take on the lawyer-hero, Abby Callahan. We can’t help but like Abby, an engagingly messy character, trying to bring some order to a messy life, including a messy family and a messy romantic history. Abby is conspicuously good-hearted, charmingly uninhibited about sex, but she also drinks too much and seems as capable as any of us of repeatedly misjudging the world and the characters who inhabit it. McCourt gets the legal proceedings off to a good start, with a diminished-capacity rape case, a mysterious victim, and a suitably privileged defendant. In the first of many twists, as the case begins the judge is suddenly arrested and escorted out of his own courtroom. From that point forward, appropriately, nothing is ever what it seems. Who knows what exotic locale Elizabeth McCourt will choose for Abby’s next adventure, but I’m sure her fans will follow her anywhere.
— Robert Reeves, Publisher, The Southampton Review
Abby Callahan is just the kind of super investigator D.A. we need—smart, athletic, and daring. Intricately plotted, Sin in the Big Easy will keep readers guessing as to who can and cannot be trusted until the very last page. With her debut novel Elizabeth McCourt has created such a compelling legal thriller—the stakes are high. Very high.
— Lou Ann Walker, Author, A Loss for Words
I was immediately drawn to this first in a new series by Elizabeth McCourt, the creator of a sharp, smart, yet complicated assistant D.A. Abby Callahan, who, on her morning run, discovers a bloodied victim of sexual abuse. The girl’s vulnerability is a perfect match for Abby’s pride and ambition to seek justice, but McCourt cleverly invents deeply emotional roadblocks that will surprise and keep you wanting more
— Sande Boritz Berger, author of The Sweetness, a novel

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