quant•ivus (Latin)

as great as you are

Corporate Team Coaching & Consulting

  Photo courtesy of  Paul Tashjian .

Photo courtesy of Paul Tashjian.

Team leadership and development is one of the keys to business success. Are you getting the most out of your team? Does your team understand your vision and have some personal stake in the outcome? Are you attracting the right people to join your team or do you find recruiting challenging?  With developmental coaching and workshop facilitation, I can work with your group or team to develop a program to achieve your desired results. Between my business experience and being a certified coach, I can look beyond what is or isn't working on paper and get people to look at what's not being discussed. Ambitious and open-minded companies and leaders are those I work best with. Let's have a forthright dialogue and devise a plan to both assess strengths and triggers in order to better maximize talent. The custom program could include: in-person consultation, meetings with each team member and as a group, strategy sessions, workshops and assessments. Expect to be challenged but to have fun in the process. Six-month commitment required.

Financial Advisor Recruiting

A seven-figure reputation in recruiting and honest approach has been the key to my success as a recruiter for over 17 years. I've recently made an exciting partnership with Peter Pappas of Victoria Kris Recruiting to provide this service in a national and comprehensive basis. Rates paid by client based on trailing-12 production.

One-on-One Coaching

I like to take on a small number of private coaching engagements for individuals who are committed to working at their goals and pushing themselves beyond what they thought possible. Coaching takes place over the phone or via Skype. In-person is possible as well depending on location and arrangement.  Six-month commitment.


Visit my Speaking page to learn more about speaking services.

Areas of specialty:

  • US based coach for International based coaches/organizations for workshop or group facilitation
  • Financial services and financial advisors, both individuals and teams
  • Recruiting and retaining talent
  • Women's leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Executive athletes
  • How to give a TEDx talk
  • Writing without Censorship