Elizabeth is a fun and powerful coach! She has a fabulous way of making the transformative work of coaching feel like play. She comes to the table highly skilled at her craft, with an uncanny intuition and an infectious zest for life. Our work together was empowering, creative and transformational!
— LK, Business Owner, Canada
Without you I would never have accomplished all that I have. Your support and coaching is what keeps me going!
— CP, Manager & Marathoner, New York
Boundary pushing, eye opening, inspiring…
— TS, Entrepreneur & Yogi, New York
Elizabeth’s sessions have proven invaluable to me at work, at home and on the trails as an endurance runner. Her approach has kept my focus and energy on the solution by identifying inner strengths I’d forgotten or rarely utilized. Her challenges force me out of my comfort zone and have helped me find confidence in my abilities and decisions. Coach has opened doors to show me the answer and solution is within.
— ML, Business Owner, Musician & Ultra-runner, Indiana
Elizabeth brings my thinking a level deeper.
— BC, Executive Fortune 500 Company, NYC
Elizabeth is such a warm-hearted, wise and fun soul. She has helped me grow and find confidence in many different areas. I know I can completely trust her and her intuition. She points out all the things I can’t see myself and she always believes in the best of me. She makes me feel comfortable and fully accepted. From the bottom of my heart, I am extremely grateful to have met her and worked with her. She is an amazing coach and mentor for me.
— SD, Exec. Coach, North Carolina (Austrian ex-pat)
I met Elizabeth at a conference she was presenting at and we connected over a passion for endurance sports. I was considering a job change and thanks to the specific assignments we developed together, I gained confidence in my abilities and the knowledge that I am the best person for my new job.
— AS, Non-profit executive, Washington, DC
Elizabeth was a wonderful help in guiding me through my exploration of what was the next step for me in my professional career as I was balancing the idea that my next direction was starting my own business as a consultant. She made me comfortable at sharing my challenges and her insight and guidance was so valuable.
— BA, Workforce Capital, Montreal, Canada
You brought lovely vibrancy, intelligence, and creativity to our sessions around goal clarification for my business. Your unique process allowed me to reflect on my inner self and clarify the authentic expression of me in my work. I love your humor and deep caring for your work.
— KH, Entrepreneur & Psychotherapist, New York
Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me to identify my own strengths and provided me with tools to help utilize these strengths to my benefit. Her professional and firm approach coupled with a warm demeanor made her effective and a pleasure to work with.
— AT, Program Specialist, United Nations